Best Available Technologies – Innovation in Technical Regulation of Building Industry
Cement and Concrete Today. A View from Poland
Ceramic Brick, Stones and the Full Brick Walls
Crushing of lime in the production of lime-silica binder at operating plants of silicate bricks
Decision-Making Practice When Choosing the Method of Production of Ceramic Bricks
Efficient Solution of Reducing Increased Moisture of Clays
Efficient Solution of Self-Cost Reduction of Ceramic Products Manufactured by Semi-Dry Pressing Method
Enhancement of Technology of Ceramic Brick Burning in Ring Furnaces
Features of Compression Molding of Fine-Disperse Products of Coal Washing When Producing Ceramic Brick
Features of Preparation of Charge with Addition of Carbonate-Containing Waste of Drilling in Production of Ceramic Bricks Based on Loam
High-Effective Lightweight Aggregate Obtained from Glass-Containing Waste
High-Strength Concrete on the Base of Lime-Sulfur Sealing Compound
Improvement of Fine Concrete Properties with the Help of Complex Mineral Additives
Influence of Dispersed Reinforcement with Modified Basalt Micro-Fiber on Dusting of Cement Mortars for Flooring
Influence of Porosity of Autoclaved Gas Concrete on Its Thermal Conductivity and Ways of Its Change Due To Improvement in Selection of Raw Components
Modernization of Tunnel Dryers of ROSSTROMPROEKT Design. Innovative Solutions in the Technology of Drying Ceramic Products in Single-Track Dryer Units
On the Problems of Determining the Thermal Conductivity of Building Materials
Phase Transformations when Firing of Siliceous Clays
Physical-Mechanical Properties of Cement Composite Building Materials with the Use of Waste of CWB Production
Physical-Technical Properties of Fiber Concretes Using Recycled Mineral Wool Raw Materials

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