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Number of journal: №1-2-2016


УДК: 624


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An analysis of the degree of harmonization of the Information-Technical Handbook NDT “Manufacture of Ceramic Products” developed in Russia and approved by Rosstandart (Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology) in December, 2015 with the analogous handbook of EU is presented. The assessment of necessary changes in the operation of factories producing ceramic brick for short-term and long-term perspectives is made. It is shown that Russian and European handbooks, similar in many ways in descriptive parts, are different on the status, indicators of impact on the environment as well as on consequences of the practical application which could be fatal for many enterprises of the industry which didn’t carry out the reconstruction or are still in the state of stage-by-stage reconstruction of production. The groundlessness of assignment of enterprises of the brick industry as the production of first degree of hazard is proved. It is concluded that it is necessary to make additions and corrections both in the NTD Handbook “Manufacture of Ceramic Products” and in the series of normative documents of various levels which are directly connected with the necessity to meet the requirements laid down in the Handbook.
G.Ya. DUDENKOVA, Head of Scientific Ceramic Center, VNIISTROM,
O.N. TOKAEVA, Head of Certification Body, VNIISTROM, Member of TC (Technical Committee) 465,
A.A. SHCHERBAKOV, Technical Director,
T.A. DOKUCHAEVA, Leading Specialist-Ecologist,
A.A. POPOV, Director

Ceramic Materials Manufacturers Association (2a, Shchelkovskoe Highway, 105122 Moscow, Russian Federation)

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