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Problems of Sound Insulation of Inter-Floor Floors in Panel Buildings and the Application of the Law of Mass

Number of journal: 6-2021

Kryshov S.I.,
Kotelnikov D.E.,
Gradova O.V.

УДК: 699.844


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Sound insulation of inter-floor floors in residential panel houses is considered on the basis of statistical data of tests conducted in 2020 by employees of the Center for Expertise, Research and Testing in Construction by the order of the Committee of State Construction Supervision of the City of Moscow. The analysis of the collected statistics with the description of possible reasons for deviations from the current standards is carried out. A comparison of two design solutions for covering a clean floor of inter-floor floors with a laminate coating on an elastic substrate and a floating floor structure with a cement-sand screed coating is made, as well as the application of the mass law, according to which, doubling the mass of a single-layer fence contributes to an increase in sound insulation parameters by 5-6 dB, to improve the sound insulation characteristics of the floor structure. The study showed that it is possible to achieve an increase in the sound insulation characteristics of the floor structure by simply increasing the mass of the structural layers of a clean floor.
S.I. KRYSHOV1, Candidate of Sciences (Engineering), Head of Department (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.),
D.E. KOTELNIKOV1, Engineer-Expert (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.);
O.V. GRADOVA2, Head of Sector No. 42.1 “Acoustic materials and structures”

1 Center for Expertise, Research and Testing in Construction (State Budgetary Institution “CEIIS” (13, Ryazanskiy Prospect, Moscow, 109052, Russian Federation)
2 Research Institute of Building Physics, Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences (21, Lokomotivnyi proezd, Moscow, 127238, Russian Federation)

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For citation: Kryshov S.I., Kotelnikov D.E., Gradova O.V. Problems of sound insulation of inter-floor floors in panel buildings and the application of the law of mass. Stroitel’nye Materialy [Construction Materials]. 2021. No. 6, pp. 30–32. (In Russian). DOI:

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