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Chrysotile-Asbestos Regeneration from TechnogenicWaste of the Chrysotile-Cement Industry

Number of journal: 3-2021

Umarov T.Yu.,
Razzokov S.Z.

УДК: 666.961


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The work under consideration is based on Patent No. IP 03210 “Method for extracting asbestos from diatomaceous-silica asbestos - waste from the production of asbestos-cement products”. The pilot production line is manufactured and installed in accordance with the developed technological regulations for the sequential cleaning of asbestos-cement waste from cement, starting with their washing on a vibrating screen with water until the final chemical treatment process. As a result, chrysotile fiber was obtained with a purity of 95–95%. The replacement of commercial chrysotile with regenerated fiber in the amount of 10–15% in the mixture when producing the slate made it possible to obtain a conditioned slate that meets GOST 30340–2012. To implement this task, a special four-shelf vibrating screen which makes it possible to wash up to 10 m3 of sludge/h with a small size of 1х2х2 m; a four-chamber drum mill that grinds all the fibers coming from the vibrating screen with porcelain balls without destruction; a system of chemical treatment of chrysotile-asbestos, neutralization, dewatering and packaging of finished products have been developed. The set of equipment is installed in a covered room on a concrete base. The line is served by three operators per shift. The operating mode is continuous, in accordance with the operating mode of the slate shop. The production capacity of the pilot production line is 800–1000 kg/day.
T.Yu. UMAROV, Candidate of Sciences (Engeneering) (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.),
S.Z. RAZZOKOV, Engineer

LLC Research and Engineering Center “UzbuildmaterialLITI” (68a, Taffakur Street, Tashkent,100047, Republic of Uzbekistan)

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For citation: Umarov T.Yu., Razzokov S.Z. Chrizotile-asbestos regeneration from technogenic waste of the chrizotile-cement industry. Stroitel’nye Materialy [Construction Materials]. 2021. No. 3, pp. 52–56. (In Russian). DOI:

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