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Abstract Composite Fire-Resistance Design and Practice

Number of journal: 3-2021

Wei Tian,
Shouchao Jiang,
Sayed Shebl.

УДК: 699.81
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Fire protection is crucial to high-rise building, especially to steel structure high-rise building. The 4h fire resistance requirement for concrete-filled steel tubular (CFT) column is quite a challenge, and the composite fire protection method is proposed to solve this problem, which takes the function of concrete inside into consideration. The theory of composite fire protection method is firstly introduced, and then the design of composite fire protection is elaborated, the Finite Element Analysis of heat transfer and structural reactions is carried out to check the load-bearing capacity of the CFT columns in fire and corresponding adjust the design of fire protection. The plan of heat transfer tests on full-scale CFT column section during 4h fire exposure and mechanical property tests of steel and concrete at elevated temperatures is presented. Finally, success super high-rise building projects applying composite fire protection method are introduced for reference.
WEI TIAN1, 2, Doctor, Vice Chief Engineer of China State Construction Overseas Development (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.);
SAYED SHEBL4, Professor

1 China Construction Eighth Engineering Division, CO., LTD (Shanghai, China)
2 China State Construction Engineering CORP.LTD (EGYPT) (Cairo, Egypt)
3 College of Civil Engineering, Tongji University (Shanghai, China)4 Director of the Building Physics Institute, Housing & Building National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt


For citation: Wei Tian, Shouchao Jiang, Sayed Shebl. Abstract composite fire-resistance design and practice. Stroitel’nye Materialy [Construction Materials]. 2021. No. 3, pp. 64–72. DOI:

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