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The Use of Black Metallurgy Slag When Producing Ceramic Brick at PCB “At Zakamennoy”

Number of journal: 9-2019

Krasnovskikh M.P.
Mokrushin I.G.
Nekrasova Yu.I.
Avtukhovich V.V.

УДК: 666.3.015.4:658.567.1


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The use of metallurgical waste contributes to the reduction of environmental pollution and is an urgent task for the study. The article discusses the experience in using the milled manganese-containing blast furnace slag as a coloring additive when producing face bricks. The results of synchronous thermal, X-ray phase, X-ray fluorescence, electron-microscopic analysis of the slag itself, charge and finished ceramic stones based on its base are described. The composition of slag is established by several methods. It is shown that it corresponds to the specificity of the clay of Kamensky Deposit and can be used as a pigment in the production of products of gray and ash shades. The conditions for obtaining colored ceramic products are considered, the phase composition of the finished ceramics is studied. It is proved that when using the waste of metallurgical industries it’s necessary to take into account the variability of the chemical composition of the initial products, to ensure control and preliminary analysis.
M.P. KRASNOVSKIKH1, Master of Chemistry (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
I.G. MOKRUSHIN1, Candidate of Sciences (Chemistry)
Yu.I. NEKRASOVA1, Bachelor

1 Perm State National Research University (15, Bukireva Street, Perm, 614990, Russian Federation)
2 «Production of Ceramic Bricks at Zakamennaya» LLC (PCB) (84, Promyshlennaya Street, Perm, 614055, Russian Federation)

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For citation: Krasnovskikh M.P., Mokrushin I.G., Nekrasova Yu.I., Avtukhovich V.V. The Use of black metallurgy slag when producing ceramic brick at PCB “At Zakamennoy”. Stroitel’nye Materialy [Construction Materials]. 2019. No. 9, pp. 14–21. (In Russian). DOI:

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