Main Provisions of GOST 34028–2016 "Reinforcing Bars for Reinforced Concrete Structures. Technical Conditions" and Their Application When Designing Reinforced Concrete Structures

Number of journal: 10-2019

Tikhonov I.N.
Savrasov I.P.
Kharitonov V.A.
Tikhonov G.I.
Tsyba O.O.
Kuzmenko N.V.

УДК: 666.982.24


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The global practice of creating normative documents for the most responsible types of industrial products shows that this process requires significant time and material costs, , and the positive effect of the introduction of new standards is possible only in the presence and involvement for their development of leading scientists and practitioners in the field of science and production considered. In GOST 34028–2016 “Reinforcing bars for reinforced concrete structures. Technical requirements”, put into effect from January 1, 2019, additional requirements for special purpose rebar rolling have been introduced, the use of which in construction will provide high technical and economic efficiency of design, safety of work during the construction of building facilities and their operation, significant reduction of risks of emergency situations under the influence of special types of loads (seismic, explosive, shock, dynamic impulsive, etc.), and in metallurgical production stimulates without any significant costs the development of mass production of innovative products that are competitive both at the domestic and foreign markets. The article presents the identified advantages and disadvantages of the provisions of this standard in metallurgical production, as well as established individual inconsistencies with the requirements of GOST 34028–2016 and normative documents for the design of reinforced concrete structures.
I.N. TIKHONOV1, Doctor of Sciences (Engineering) (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
I.P. SAVRASOV1, Candidate of Sciences (Engineering)
V.A. KHARITONOV1, Candidate of Sciences (Engineering)
G.I. TIKHONOV1, Engineer
O.O. TSYBA2, Candidate of Sciences (Engineering)
N.V. KUZMENKO3, Engineer

1 JSC Research Center of Construction (6, 2nd Institutskaya Street, Moscow, 109428, Russian Federation)
2 Subcommittee 4 “Reinforcing bars for reinforced concrete structures», Technical committee 375 “Metal products from ferrous metals and alloys” of Rosstandart (23/9, bldg. 2, Radio Street, Moscow, 105005, Russian Federation)
3 Tula Metal Rolling Plant (32, bldg. 1, Shcheglovskaya zaseka Street, Tula, 300001, Russian Federation)

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For citation: Tikhonov I.N., Savrasov I.P., Kharitonov V.A., Tikhonov G.I., Tsyba O.O., Kuzmenko N.V. Main provisions of GOST 34028-2016 “Reinforcing bars for reinforced concrete structures. Technical conditions” and their application when designing reinforced concrete structures. Stroitel’nye Materialy [Construction Materials]. 2019. No. 10, pp. 27–34. (In Russian). DOI:

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