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Influence of Fly Ashes on the Viscoelastic Characteristics of the Bitumen

Number of journal: 11-2015

Markova I.Yu.
Strokova V.V.
Dmitrieva T.V.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.31659/0585-430X-2015-731-11-28-32
УДК: 691.16


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The influence of the addition of fly ashes as fine-grained silica-alumina industrial raw materials of fuel and energy enterprises (power plants) of various genetic types on the visco-elastic characteristics of the bitumen was studied. Rutting resistance of the modified binder was measured by method Superpave (USA) in the temperature range 46–76оC. The dependence of the rutting resistance on the composition, characteristics and concentration in the composition of the binder of used thermal power plants fly ashes was determined. A ranking of aluminosilicate industrial materials according to the degree of efficiency of its use as bitumen structuring additive was performed. It is shown that the use of low calcium and high calcium fly ashes allows raising the temperature of transformation of bitumen from viscous state into liquid state, that leads to increased resistance of the bitumen binder to shear stresses. The obtained results can be used as a predictive parameter of shear resistance of asphalt concrete based on modified bitumen.
I.Yu. MARKOVA, Engineer (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
V.V. STROKOVA, Doctor of Sciences (Engineering)
T.V. DMITRIEVA, Engineer

Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G. Shoukhov (46, Kostukova Street, Belgorod, 308012, Russian Federation)

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For citation: Markova I.Yu., Strokova V.V., Dmitrieva T.V. Influence of Fly Ashes on the Viscoelastic Characteristics of the Bitumen. Stroitel’nye Materialy [Construction Materials]. 2015. No. 11, pp. 28-32. (In Russian). DOI: https://doi.org/10.31659/0585-430X-2015-731-11-28-32

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