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Glued Wood Concrete from Timber of Soft Broadleaved Species

Number of journal: №8-2016


УДК: 674.816


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The necessity of involvement of little-used wood of soft broadleaved species in recycling for expanding the raw material base of the construction industry is substantiated. Difficulties in the production of wood concrete connected with the presence of extractive substances in the wood of soft broadleaved species that hinder the hydration of cement are outlined. On the basis of the results of studies conducted, it is established that the use of known types of chemical additives doesn’t make it possible to produce the arbolite of required strength from the wood of soft broadleaved species. The proposed cardinal solution for producing the wood concrete from the timber of soft broadleaved species makes it possible to replace the binding cement with the water-resistant carbamide-formaldehyde glue on which extractive substances, containing in soft broadleaved wood, don’t have a negative effect. Maple syrup and d-erythrose, containing in hogged birch chips, were identified by the method of IR-spectrometry. Regressive dependences, which determine the influence of wood and glue consumption on the compression strength of the laminated wood concrete, have been obtained
A.A. LUKASH, Candidate of Sciences (Engineering) (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Bryansk State Engineering-Technological University (3, St. Dimitrov Avenue, Bryansk 241037, Russian Federation)

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