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Analysis of the influence of the calcium chloride dispersity in mechanoactivated solution on structure and characteristics of cement stone

Number of journal: №1-2-2016


DOI: https://doi.org/10.31659/0585-430X-2016-733-734-1-2-55-61
УДК: 544.77:539.89:666.97


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Using the method of dynamic light scattering we investigated the influence of the rotor and pulse impact on a dimensional change of particles in calcium chloride hydrosol used as texturing additives in concrete mixing. Mechanoacoustic processing provides sampling of the disperse phase to the sizes less than 1 nanometer which is maintained for more than 24 hours. The mechanism of reinforcing action of the additive connected with the emergence in cement system the multiple centers of crystallization the number of which increases by 9 decimal orders due to the rotary-pulse impact, is proved by the results of evaluation the parameters of the pore structure of cement stone carried out by the method of low-temperature adsorption and desorption of nitrogen vapors. It has been found that the use of mechanically activated calcium chloride solution for mixing cement pastes decreases defectiveness by reducing the size of the maximum pore diameter in 1.8 times, and by aligning the distribution of specific surface parameters and the volume of pore spaces according to the pore size. Optimizing the pore space enhances the mechanical strength of cement stone by 2.5 times in comparison with a control sample. The greatest effect from mechanoacoustic processing of mixing liquid is obtained in the field of low salt concentrations of about 0.032 mol/l, that is 0.1% of the binder weight.
S.A. KOKSHAROV1 , Doctor of Sciences (Engineering) (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.),
A.V. BAZANOV1 , Candidate of Sciences (Engineering);
S.V. FEDOSOV2 , Doctor of Sciences (Engineering), Academician of RAACS, President,
M.V. AKULOVA2 , Doctor of Sciences (Engineering) (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), Advisor of RAACS,
T.E. SLIZNEVA2 , Candidate of Sciences (Engineering)

1 Institute of Solution Chemistry named after G.A. Krestov of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1, Akademicheskaya Street, Ivanovo, 153045, Russian Federation)
2 Ivanovo State Polytechnical University (20, 8th Marta Street, Ivanovo, 153037, Russian Federation)

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