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The "Stroitel'nye Materialy" (Construction Materials) Journal (ISSN 0585-430X (Print); ISSN 2658-6991 (Online)) is a monthly edition; founded in 1955 to cover the state technical policy in the field of construction industry and building materials industry. For more than half a century the journal covers the main stages of formation and development of more than twenty sub-sectors of the building materials industry, the most important discoveries and inventions in the field of materials science, engineering and technology.
The “Stroitel’nye Materialy” Journal is included in the list of peer-reviewed journals in which the main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of candidate or doctor of science must be published; the journal is indexed by a scientific electronic library ELIBRARY.RU; is included in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) database on the platform Web of Science. The journal accepts the following for publication: original articles, translations of published articles from non-Russian language journals (with the consent of the right holder for the translation and publication), reviews, essays, descriptions of professional experience, comments, events reports, and book reviews.


22–26 March, 2019 Sharm ElSheikh, Egypt

XI International Conference NANO-TECHNOLOGY IN CONSTRUCTION  Green and Sustainable Construction NTC-2019

Housing & Building National Research Center (HBRC)
Egyptian Russian University (ERU)
Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University (ISTU)
Information support – the «Construction Materials» journal

The issue of the journal «Construction Materials» 1-2.2019  is being prepared for the conference. Articles will be published in two languages (Russian, English). Deadline for submitting the material to the editorial office before 01.02.2019

Conference Themes
Nanoparticles synthesis and applications.
• Nanoscale materials characterization.
• Nanostructured or nanoporous materials and nanocomposites
• Nanomaterials for structural health monitoring and sensing.
• Application of nanotechnology in paints, coatings, layers and membranes.
• Nanomaterials in architecture for energy efficiency, indoor environmentalquality and sustainablity.
• Nano-technology’s effect of fire performance.
• Others.

Deadlines and Conference fees

– Acceptance for abstract 01/11/2018
– Submission of full manuscript 01/12/2018
– Acceptance for full manuscripts 01/01/2019
– Final acceptance 01/02/2019
For Non Egyptian participants, the conference registration fees excluding
accommodation, transportation and social activities is 200 USD/Person
and 100 USD/Person for Non Egyptian students.
A package for accommodation, internal transportation and social
activities is available for Non Egyptian participants for 500 USD/Person
and 300 USD/Person for Non Egyptian students.
Payment of fees must be: by Bank transfer to QNB Qatar National
Bank Al Ahli, swift code QNB AEGCXXX, Account No. 00037 00152
20315560107-56, Egyptian-Russian University.